Modeling of DC-DC converters by the state space method from Scilab

Modelación de convertidores CD- CD por el método de espacio de estado a partir de Scilab


  • Josnier Ramos Guardarrama Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana José Antonio Echeverría, Cujae
  • Maykop Pérez Martínez Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana José Antonio Echeverría, Cujae
  • Raimundo Carlos Silvério Freire Universidad Federal de Campina Grande, Brasil


Due to the importance that the use of converters currently has in the development of power electronics, this research work arises, which aims to model in the Scilab software applying the state space method of direct current to direct current converters, obtaining as a result the design of an application with a graphical interface, in its first version, which integrates the Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost and Cúk topologies, which allows the analysis, experimentation, demonstration and design of the functions of the converters of direct current direct current, which is why it is considered of great practical utility for engineers dedicated to the development of electronics. This type of software is generally under a private license, with a high acquisition cost, which is why its similar ones, under a free license, allow a greater reach among students and specialists for purposes.